Our Coffee Menu

                                                  THE BASICS

Coffee of the day        12oz $1.93         16oz  $2.22     20oz  $2.55

Zoomie Fuel ~ coffee of the day with a shot of espresso   single +.50  dbl + $1.00      tripl +$1.50                      

Espresso           single +.50.       dbl + $1.00       tripl +$1.50   

Cafe Americano~ espresso tamed with water   12oz $2.50         16oz $3.02   20oz $3.49         

Cappuccino ~ espresso with 1/3 milk , 1/3 foam     Single  $3.49      dbl $4.01          tripl $4.49              

Caffe Latte ~ espresso with 1/3 milk , 1/3 foam       12oz $3.49    16oz $4.01        20oz $3.54                                           

Cafe Au Lait ~coffee of the day with steamed milk     12oz $2.88   16oz $3.25        20oz $3.54              

MILK ALTERNATIVE     coconut milk +.65. almond milk +.65. oat milk +.75


                                     GREAT LAKES TEA      

Green Rooibos Sunsplash    20oz $3.75   caffeine-free botanical blend with splash of exotic fruit                                                     

Mackinaw Breeze       20oz $3.75     

premium black tea, strawberry bits, juniper berries and black currant                                                        

Isle Royale Emerald Green Tea      20oz $3.75  sencha flavor, rhubarb, strawberry and raspberry                                                

Chai Vanilla Splash    20oz $3.75   madagascar bourbon vanilla, clove black tea, cinnamon and ginger                                                                            

MILK ALTERNATIVE      almond milk +.65. oat milk +.75  


                                         SIGNATURE LATTES            

                                      12oz $4.48.   16oz $5.00  

Italian Hound ~ tiramisu inspired latte

Red Velvet~ ghiardelli white chocolate and raspberry

Dulce De Leche ~ Latin inspired caramel dessert

Snickerpoodle ~ our version of a snickerdoodle cookie

Bananamutt Fosters ~ just like the New Orleans dessert, banana, brown sugar

Creme Brew - Last~ just like the dessert

Baby Yoda ~ pistachio latte

Chai Latte

Dirty Dog Latte - Chai with espresso


                                         COLD BREW LATTES  16oz $5.00  

Coffee that has been steeped for 12+ hours to make a concentrated coffee                                                                                       

Brew Bacca  $4.25  cold brew and milk


Creme Brew Lait

Dulce De Leche

Mocha Mastiff ~ chocolate and toasted marshmallow

Cinnamutt ~ condensed milk, cinnamon


Dirty Dog Chai



                                                  16oz $5.00

Bananamutt Fosters ~ banana, brown sugar, caramel

Dulce De Leche ~ caramel flavor

Mocha Java Da Mutt ~ chocolate and toasted marshmallow

Matcha Libre ~ Matcha Green tea

Cheech and Chai ~chai flavor


MILK ALTERNATIVE      almond milk +.65. oat milk +.75



                                               16oz  $6.00

Nana Banana ~ strawberry, banana, juice and milk

Mangolorian ~ mango, orange, juice and milk

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub ~ strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, kiwi, juice and milk

Cheeky Monkey ~ chai, milk, bananas, almond butter ( peanut butter may also be substituted )

Drink Your Cake Tina ~ cake batter flavor, vanilla, milk and cinnamon sugar

ADD ON +.60    1) multi vitamin  2) immune builder 3) energy boost with vitamin b12   


MILK ALTERNATIVE      almond milk +.65. oat milk +.75